Ordinances and Resolutions

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PdfResolution Number 2089 – 2011 Council regular business meeting and regular study session
Keywords: thursday, regular business meeting, council

PdfResolution Number 2258 – Lease of water to the City of Thornton
Keywords: lease, lease water, lease agreement, thornton

PdfResolution Number 2083 – The support of local administration of Colorado's human services system and a commitment to excellence
Keywords: human services system, commitment to excellence

PdfResolution Number 2118 – Participation in the NLC Prescription Discount Card Program
Keywords: NLC, Prescription discount, card program

PdfResolution Number 2276 – Intergov agreement between Golden and Jeffco clerk and recorder regarding general election duties for 11/5/2013 coordinated mail ballot
Keywords: election, county clerk, jurisdiction

PdfResolution Number 2288 – Agreement approval for ambulance services with American Medical Response
Keywords: american medical response, ambulance service

PdfResolution Number 2098 – Succession plan for the position of city manager
Keywords: city manager, succession plan

PdfResolution Number 2190 – Revised debt management policy
Keywords: revised debt, policy

PdfResolution Number 2095 – Agreement with Camron Chistopher Thomas Advertising inc pertaining to community marketing services
Keywords: community marketing services, camron christopher thomas advertising

PdfOrdinance Number 2261 – Resolution 2261 adopts the updated Golden Plan for the US 6 and SH 93 corridor and identifying principles for transportation projects thereon.
Keywords: US 6, SH 93 Corridor, transportation projects, Beltway, Resolution 2261

PdfResolution Number 2167 – Designating public place for posting notices of meetings
Keywords: public meeting posting, designation, meetings, notices

PdfResolution Number 2117 – Clear creek master plan
Keywords: clear creak, master plan

PdfResolution Number 2124 – Update to the city of Golden annexation study area report
Keywords: study area report, annexation

PdfResolution Number 2278 – Authorization of the extension of an exclusive right to sell listing contract with Cassidy Turley/Fuller Real Estate
Keywords: real estate, contract, city, city council, agreement, listing contract

PdfResolution Number 2156 – Authorization for the mayor to sign an IGA with Golden and Denver
Keywords: urban area, area working group, urban area working, denver, IGA

PdfResolution Number 2138 – Agreement w/ urban drainage and flood control district for design and construction of maintenance improvements to Tucker Gulch at 7th Place
Keywords: tucker gulch, district, city, flood control, agreement, flood control district, parties, project

PdfResolution Number 2199 – IGA agreement between Golden and the Fairmont Fire District regarding
Keywords: agreement, emergency services, coors tech, ffpd, fire protection services

PdfResolution Number 2159 – Revised Long Range budget policies
Keywords: city, resolution no., fund balance

PdfResolution Number 2281 – Performance contract with solar photovoltaic projects at city facilities
Keywords: city facilities, solar photovoltaic

PdfResolution Number 2239 – City Manager's performance during 2012
Keywords: city, performance, city manager

PdfResolution Number 2226 – Access agreement with CSM research institute site
Keywords: colorado school of mines, access agreement

PdfResolution Number 2254 – Approval of public sidewalk sales and display permit at 1216 Washington Ave
Keywords: public sidewalk sales, city council, golden municipal code

PdfResolution Number 2252 – Approval lease of water to Thornton
Keywords: lease, lease water, lease agreement, thornton

PdfResolution Number 2236 – Final subdivision plat for the Canyon View Business Park
Keywords: business park filing, subdivision plat, final subdivision plat, canyon view business, view business park

PdfResolution Number 2144 – IGA agreement between Golden and the Golden Gate Fire protection district for the provision of fleet maintenance and repair services
Keywords: agreement, preventative maintenance, duty vehicle, resolution no., heavy duty, heavy duty vehicle, holiday pay rate, standard industry manuals, medium duty vehicles, standard rate

PdfResolution Number 2200 – Extension of an exclusive right to sell listing contract with Cassidy Turley/Fuller Real Estate
Keywords: listing contract, cassidy turley, real estate

PdfResolution Number 2248 – 826 joseph cr
Keywords: canyon view, colorado, declaration, annexation, colorado nonprofit corporation, real property records, canyon view owners, view owners association

PdfResolution Number 2171 – I g a end of l ine bridge

PdfResolution Number 2264 – Urban drainage kinney run
Keywords: city, flood control, flood control district, flood control improvements, agreement, project costs

PdfResolution Number 2173 – Purchase fire engine

PdfResolution Number 2125 – Medical m j licensing authority
Keywords: marijuana local licensing, local licensing authority, medical marijuana local, hearing officer, city council

PdfResolution Number 2224 – Easement south side
Keywords: easement agreement, grantee, property, grantor, grantee additional easement, colorado

PdfResolution Number 2235 – Withdraw parkland
Keywords: parkland dedication agreement, official development plan

PdfResolution Number 2270 – Central u r a2270

PdfResolution Number 2228 – 2013 council meetings

PdfResolution Number 2168 – Council schedule

PdfResolution Number 2287 – Upport d d a ballot
Keywords: downtown development authority, city council

PdfResolution Number 2286 – License plates req
Keywords: city council, ford fusion hybrid, license plates

PdfResolution Number 2215 – 1310 washington

PdfResolution Number 2267 – Amend c d o t agree ped bridge
Keywords: local agency, exhibit, funds, option letter, federal funds, state, original agreement, transparency act, state controller, supplemental provisions

PdfResolution Number 2187 – Food bev history center
Keywords: history center, clear creek corridor, creek corridor park

PdfResolution Number 2183 – Endof line ped bridge
Keywords: ... ...

PdfResolution Number 2186 – Stonebridge h o a amend

PdfResolution Number 2274 – I g a douglas co s o t a r
Keywords: douglas county, user, agreement

PdfResolution Number 2208 – Slash rooney road

PdfResolution Number 2223 – E d s to waste mgt
Keywords: waste collection services, residential waste collection

PdfResolution Number 2179 – Central neigh plan

PdfResolution Number 2247 – 2013 metro mortgage assist
Keywords: city, participation agreement, resolution no., metro mortgage assistance, delegation, golden, denver, program

PdfResolution Number 2103 – City attorney compensation

PdfResolution Number 2234 – Environ covenant c s m r i
Keywords: resolution no., restricted property, city, ground water, department, colorado