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PdfResolution Number 2392 – Resolution No. 2391 regards 2015 Residential Allocations.

PdfResolution Number 2392 – City Council Rules of Procedure pertaining to meeting length.
Keywords: council Rules of procedure, rules, city council meetings, council meetings

PdfOrdinance Number 1979 – Ordinance 1979 enacts chapter 5.17 of the Golden Municipal Code establishing marijuana residential cultivation restrictions.
Keywords: golden ord 1979, ord 1979, chapter 5.17, marijuana sales, marijuana cultivation, marijuana restrictions

PdfOrdinance Number 1985 – In August 2014, the Golden City Council unanimously voted to expand the city’s smoke-free law to include the use of e-cigarettes and other vaporizing devices, and also expanded the law to include many more areas of town.
Keywords: golden municipal code, ordinance 1985, no-smoking ordinance, smoke free, vapor free, downtown smoking ban

PdfResolution Number 2210 – License agreement with Denver Urban Gardens to use a portion of city property for Golden Community Garden.
Keywords: golden community garden, denver urban gardens, license agreement, community gardens

PdfResolution Number 2175 – Compensation of the city manager for 2012
Keywords: compensation, salary, city manager, 2012

PdfResolution Number 2275 – Right of way license with Teleport Communications America pertaining to ROW within and near the Corporate Center Business Park and Johnson Road
Keywords: right of way license, teleport communications america, Johnson Road, Corporate Center Business Park

PdfResolution Number 2253 – Accepting agreements conveying four separate easements to the City of Golden for pedestrian bridge over US Highway 6 at the West Rail Golden Station
Keywords: easement, city, easement area, county, golden, highway 6

PdfResolution Number 2193 – Final recommendations from the Renewable Energy Technical Advisory Committee
Keywords: Renewable energy technical advisory committee, golden

PdfResolution Number 2086 – Golden vision 2030 approval
Keywords: golden, 2030, vision approval

PdfResolution Number 2096 – GURA's submittal of 2011 budget and work plan
Keywords: GURA, work plan, budget, 2011, review

PdfResolution Number 2102 – Rate of compensation for Berg, Hill,Greenleaf, and Ruscitti, Special Counsel for certain sales and tax use
Keywords: special counsel, sales tax, sales, fee, compensation

PdfResolution Number 2165 – City Council input into the city's annual budget process
Keywords: budget, city, city manager, budget letter

PdfResolution Number 2201 – Revised investment policy
Keywords: investment policy, revised

PdfResolution Number 2094 – Approved agreement with Meadows PR
Keywords: Meadows Public Relations, agreement services

PdfResolution Number 2097 – Increased compensation of municipal and associate judges
Keywords: compensation, salary, judge, municipal

PdfResolution Number 2194 – Intergovernmental joint agreement and home consortium agreement between Jefferson County and the City of Golden relating to the conduct of the home investment partnership program grant for 2013 through 2015
Keywords: home investment partnership program, home consortium, jefferson county, intergovernmental

PdfResolution Number 2262 – Authorization of City Manager to expend funds for preliminary design of potential transportation projects in the US 6 and SH 93 Corridor
Keywords: city, susan m. brooks, city clerk, golden plan, city council, transportation projects, expend funds

PdfResolution Number 2080 – Participation by Table Mountain Animal Center and Foothills Animal Shelter CIRSA
Keywords: CIRSA, animal shelter, colorado animal shelter, animal center

PdfResolution Number 2157 – Jefferson County open space joint venture grant for Splash
Keywords: Spash, Jefferson county grant

PdfResolution Number 2128 – Proposed annex of land located in section 10, township 4 South, range 70 West. Requested by Bachman
Keywords: Bachman, Annex

PdfResolution Number 2115 – Water fee and payment agreement for 1875 Miners townhome plat and association
Keywords: Water fees, 1875 Miners

PdfResolution Number 2132 – Gaming grant app for 2011-2012 cycle from local government limited gaming impact fund
Keywords: gaming grand, impact fund

PdfResolution Number 2169 – Authorization of City Manager to initiate proceedings to preserve the City's efforts to acquire ROW for bicycle and pedestrian transportation facility
Keywords: ROW, bike and pedestrians

PdfResolution Number 2232 – Budget for 2013 fiscal year
Keywords: city, city council, public hearings, budget estimate

PdfResolution Number 2141 – Storm drainage conveyance from Mesa Meadows
Keywords: mesa meadows, storm drainage

PdfResolution Number 2230 – Revised investment policy
Keywords: city, investment policy, city treasurer

PdfResolution Number 2163 – Budget for 2012 Fiscal Year
Keywords: city, city council, budget estimate, public hearings, city manager

PdfResolution Number 2093 – 2011 Mill Levy for general fund property taxes
Keywords: 2011, mill levy

PdfResolution Number 2116 – Approval of Coors Technology Center filling NO. 17
Keywords: coors technology center

PdfResolution Number 2255 – Energy audit and project proposal related to municipal solar electric project
Keywords: contractor, technical energy audit, contract, owner, tea contract page, energy performance contract

PdfResolution Number 2153 – Approval of water meter pit repair with Bantam Properties
Keywords: Bantam properties, water meter pit repair

PdfResolution Number 2151 – Res to designate assigned portion of all governmental fund balances for 2011 and subsequent years
Keywords: fund balances

PdfResolution Number 2279 – Establishment and operation of Jefferson County Regional Crime Lab
Keywords: party, lab, agreement, parties, county

PdfResolution Number 2263 – 2013-2014 Gaming grant cycle from local government limited gaming impact fund
Keywords: gaming impact fund, city, susan m. brooks

PdfResolution Number 2204 – Res developing Downtown Development Task Force
Keywords: Task Force, downtown development association, DDA

PdfResolution Number 2112 – Extension to a partnership with the Orton Family Foundation regarding Golden Vision 2030 Project
Keywords: Golden Vision 2030 project, orton family foundation

PdfResolution Number 2231 – Post issuance compliance policy and procedure manual
Keywords: obligation, compliance officer, resolution no., tax code, yield restriction, obligations, gross proceeds

PdfResolution Number 2249 – Authorizing the execution of a purchase contract with Iron Key Homes LLC for lot 826 Joseph Circle
Keywords: Iron Key Homes LLC, 826 Joseph Circle

PdfResolution Number 2084 – License agreement with Infinite Harvest, INC for vacant portion of City property
Keywords: infinite harvest inc, license agreement

PdfResolution Number 2107 – Metro mayors Caucus to promote "LiveWell" Initiative
Keywords: Metro Mayors, livewell

PdfResolution Number 2242 – Increase in compensation to City Attorney
Keywords: city attorney, municipal court services, susan m. brooks, city council

PdfResolution Number 2197 – Agreement between Golden and urban drainage and flood control district for Kinneys Run
Keywords: flood control, city, agreement, parties, Kinneys Run

PdfResolution Number 2233 – Res setting the mill levy for general fund property taxes to be collected in 2013
Keywords: city, city council, susan m. brooks, city clerk, fund property taxes, tax rate, general revenue, colorado revised statutes

PdfResolution Number 2101 – Establishment of number of allocations available in 2011 for building permits
Keywords: building permits, allocation

PdfResolution Number 2126 – Medical Marijuana business licensing fees
Keywords: marijuana business, medical marijuana, medical marijuana business, marijuana business licensing, marijuana business license

PdfResolution Number 2079 – Pre-annex agreement with Virginia Hayden Cole Revocable Trust
Keywords: Virginia hayden cole, revocable trust

PdfResolution Number 2111 – Golden City Council designating major priorities for 2011
Keywords: city council, priorities

PdfResolution Number 2219 – Approval of South neighborhood plans
Keywords: south neighborhood, plans

PdfResolution Number 2273 – Memorandum of understanding with CO Department of Transportation pertaining to Golden plan for US 6 and SH 93 Corridor
Keywords: CO DOT, US 6, SH 93 Corridor